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Susparks Globals started as an ambitious idea to promoting the perfume industry and nigerian perfumes in
up-and-coming neighborhoods in Nigeria. As the business flourish our efforts has been successfully supported by the same community we love, and it has been a wonderful journey as we strive to provide the highest level
of products to our customers globally.



Our quality range provides you with a 99% comfortability during work hours, on the road, in public places removing the thought of bad body odour anytime, everywhere.


Through various processes of harvesting natures extracts, to creating exotic natural frangrances, our products are best designed to give you that natural feel, where we unite you with nature, through breathe.



Our beauty line range of exotic fragrances, are known for eliminating bad body odours, providing you with long lasting good and natural body aura everytime and eveywhere


    IrisBody Spray is a wonderfully relaxing, unique fragrance. IrisBody Spray Micro-Clean in particular is a special fragrance. I've been using to Iris regularly for two years, and have never wanted to use any other spray.


    Since i began using IrisBody Spray i have indeed never had a cause to regret it, the fragrance lasts longer than i can imagine, its a big deal coming from this part of the world.


    I highly recommend IrisBody Spray for everybody, as well as its long-lasting fragrance, its also nature friendly.